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OtterBox encourages you to type this time around

otterbox-keyboard-portfolioMost of the time, the name OtterBox would more or less evoke the idea of a rock solid protective case for a particular smartphone (like for the Samsung Galaxy S6) or tablet, and sometimes even delivering waterproof capability to the device, depending on your budget and needs. Well, this time around there is something that is off the beaten path, which many tablet owners should be able to look forward to. I am referring to the OtterBox Agility Tablet System, which is more than capable of transforming the humble tablet into one of the most versatile pieces of technology out there.

Regardless of whether you are using your tablet in the kitchen as a recipe book or as the point of reference in a boardroom presentation, the OtterBox Agility Tablet System gets the job done. In fact, the new Agility Keyboard Portfolio is said to maximize on-the-go productivity and delivers tried and trusted OtterBox protection to the iPad Air as well as the iPad Air 2.

With the Agility Keyboard Portfolio, you can now work on the move in a safe environment without losing a any bit of agility. As it remains paired with the refreshed, slimmer Agility Shell design, one will be able to enjoy 360-degree protection that surrounds the tablet, which means you no longer have to sweat it out each time you are working from the subway or trying to make the kids finish homework on the way to practice.

The Keyboard Portfolio will be a full-coverage protective tablet case that boasts of an integrated Bluetooth Smart keyboard, where the luxurious faux leather cover will deliver a classic, stylish look, screen protection as well as the ability to double up as a stand that perfectly positions the tablet in landscape and portrait views so that you can be at your most convenient when creating, streaming and connecting. It should be able to last for months before a recharge is required, and the red LED low-battery indicator light will duly notify you so.

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