Otterbox Commuter Series Wallet Case will hold all of your valuables on the go

Otterbox Commuter wallet

Phone cases come a dime a dozen, but thankfully there are some out there striving for function rather than aesthetics. It’s always nice to see a brand that we know and trust come out with a new product. However, when it comes to protecting our phones, we always tend to stay a little on the skeptical side as you want to keep it safe.

Having an OtterBox case normally means your phone can take quite the beating. It will be safe from scratches, drops, keeps dust and debris out of your phone, and more. Knowing that you have this case means you will have a phone that can put up with a little abuse, or a lot, depending on how you treat it. At the end of the day though, you know it will be safe (and bulky). That being said, what would’ve been great is built-in radio blocking technology. There are many top-rated RFID wallets, that make it impossible to scan your credit card through your pocket (a normal wallet won’t prevent that).

They now have a Commuter Series out that will allow you to keep other valuables safe and sound in the case. It’s multi-layered, and has a sliding wallet that can hold three cards and a single bill. To let you know when it’s actually closed, it will give you an audible click so you know that nothing will be escaping. We all have a tendency to get lazy about shutting doors, windows, etc., so the confirmation would be quite useful in the same way a seat belt lock clicks into place. This is only available for the iPhone 5/5s or the Galaxy S4, and either will cost you around $45.