Oscillating Table Tennis Trainer

Want to pick up mad table tennis skills like Forrest Gump? Perhaps he had a really, really good coach or trainer, or he might have actually traveled to the future to purchase this $199.95 Oscillating Table Tennis Trainer – and dedicated all of his spare time to it in order to become a world champion. Similar to a tennis ball machine albeit coming in a much smaller form factor, this scaled down automatic oscillating table tennis trainer is capable of serving non-stop stream of balls for solo practice in order to make sure you’re ready to face just about any situation that comes your way.
There is a tethered remote that controls just which serve direction the ball is headed for, letting you practice both forehand and backhand strokes. Three spin settings will further help you hone your response – Backspin (where the ball rotates away from the receiving player, requiring a chopping stroke to return); Topspin (where the ball rotates toward the player); and a challenging Heavy Topspin (high rpm rotation that must be returned with a controlled downward stroke).
Capable of holding 110 balls, you can have it sending balls to you at any rate from 12 to 70 per minute.

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