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The Ornithologist’s Song Bird Attractor might be more effective than a bird house

song-bird-attractorSo you have a pretty spiffy garden complete with fruit trees that are extremely productive, providing not only your family, but the rest of the neighborhood as well with seasonal fruits. Of course, you would like to also ensure that these trees are not lonely, which is why you might have installed a birdhouse on one of them branches, but somehow or rather, no bird seems to be interested in dropping by. Perhaps there is something else that you might want to give it a go? The $69.95 Ornithologist’s Song Bird Attractor seems to be the ideal solution to this problem, as it comes in the form of an audio player that entices nature‚Äôs most accomplished vocalists in order to visit a feeder, perch, or birdhouse.

It has been specially designed in consultation with ornithologists, as this device is said to be able to attract birds using calls recorded in the field, as opposed to digitally synthesized sounds, for the maximum level of realism. Each song will represent a number of individuals, and it plays at naturally occurring sound levels and intervals in order to provide birds with the impression that others of their species are nearby. One setting plays the melodious songs of bluebirds, orioles, wrens, finches, and indigo buntings, while the other reproduces the song of beneficial purple martins. The attractor is easily activated thanks to its internal light sensor that can play intermittently from dawn to dusk, and it arrives with volume control in a weather-resistant green plastic cabinet.