The Ornithologist’s Song Bird Attractor brings your feathered friends home

song-bird-attractorFor those of us who do not live in an apartment or flat, then the expanse of one’s very own garden (regardless of its size) is definitely a place where you can play around with – be it building a koi pond, or perhaps to plant a tree so that it will grow up to be a nesting place for birds while providing your family with fruit during its season. Rather than have a birdhouse in the vicinity, how about taking a slightly different route in attracting our feathered friends using the $69.95 Ornithologist’s Song Bird Attractor?

The The Ornithologist’s Song Bird Attractor happens to be an audio player which will entice nature’s most accomplished vocalists to drop by a feeder, perch, or birdhouse. It has been specially designed in consultation with ornithologists, allowing the device to attract birds using calls recorded in the field, not digitally synthesized, for maximum realism. Each song will represent a number of individuals and plays at naturally occurring sound levels and intervals so that birds are given the impression that others of their species are nearby. Melodious songs of bluebirds, orioles, wrens, finches, and indigo buntings will be played back, including the song of beneficial purple martins. This attractor will get to work thanks to its internal light sensor that can play intermittently from dawn to dusk, or constantly, arriving packed in a weather-resistant green plastic cabinet.