The original series Star Trek Tricorder


With the new Star Trek movie finally out, fans are showing their geeky colors a bit more proudly.  Not that they were ever really hidden to begin with, but now manufacturers are coming out with new fun gear.  For those that like to run around in their blue pajamas costumes and try to look as authentic as possible, there is a new recreation coming out.  This Tricorder is the one from the original Star Trek series, which means it’ll have a nice vintage look to it.

The Tricorder measures 8” x 4” x 2” and runs on four AA batteries.  Those batteries are used to make sure that the sound effects keep going.  All of which are of course from the original series, there are also blinking lights that make it look like it’s doing something.  To go with the Tricorder there is a removable scanner accessory.  It won’t be out until June 4th of this year, so you’ll have a little bit of a wait.  Once it is out, it will only cost you $49.99.

Source: RetroThing