Organize Your Spices

Have you ever been in the midst of cooking, mucked up hands and all, and needed to get to spices? Pull open the drawer and try to find the one you need. Next thing you know you are trying to open that new jar of paprika by stabbing it with a massive chef’s knife only to have butterfingers take over and yep – paprika shower. Dealing with those little spice jars stinks. Having spices readily accessible and easy to measure definitely makes a difference.
Take the hassle out of dishing out spices with the Auto Measure Spice Carousel from Kitchen Art, $27.51 on First, fill up the 12 removable spice compartments. Each offers shaking and pouring options or use the auto measure dial. Simply twist the dial to measure out a ¼ teaspoon. No more need to pour spices into a measuring spoons. Keep them where they belong! Also included are 55 different compartment labels so you can easily identify the spice. Place the carousel on the counter or mount it under a cabinet. And for those that have more than 12 spices (me!) buy a couple carousels and stack them up.  So don’t let your cooking prowess be deterred by pesky spice jars. Get yourself a carousel (or two).