Oregon Scientific debuts new weather line-up

osi weather center

Oregon Scientific have long been known for their advanced takes on common ideas and at CES this year they’re moving into the weather forecasting game with a raft of new products.

At the top of the line is this digital weather station, which gives you all the sensors you need for a comprehensive forecast and transmits the data wirelessly to the control panel, giving you at-a-glace information on 10 measurements such as wind speed and direction, humidity, pressure and temperature. It also connects to a PC so you can save or analyse the data offline.

If a local weather forecast isn’t worth $420 to you, the InstaForecast I300 and I600 products give a simplified (and cheaper) overview of upcoming weather without the vast array of external sensors but even they’ve got a twist: They use your internet connection to download weather from around the world. I’m not too sure why you’d need regular weather updates from the other side of the planet but it’s cool so "need" probably doesn’t matter too much 🙂