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Order Pizza With A Button Push

Do you think that things have gotten all too convenient for us these days, so much so that we have become lazier and lazier in the way we get stuff done? Amazon’s Dash button is one good example – apparently, it makes it all too easy to part with your hard earned cash, as all that it takes to order something that you like is to press the Dash button. Well, Domino’s has more or less hopped onto a similar bandwagon, where you can order a piping hot pizza with a single button press.

Right now, one can already place orders from a smart TV or through the simple act of tweeting the pizza emoji. Hence, with a tiny physical button, you can program said button with your pizza and customized preferences. Hungry with a pizza craving? Simple, just press it, and you’re good to go. Do make sure that this button is synchronized with your smartphone and the Domino’s app beforehand over Bluetooth, otherwise you might starve to death.

Known as Domino’s Easy Order buttons, these will be released some time in December this year, where there will be another release when February 2016 rolls around. Right now, the tech savvy pizza chain will be handing the Easy Order buttons through a social media competition, which means they cannot be purchased in the same manner as that of the Amazon Dash. If you fail to snag yourself one of these cool buttons, fret not. There is also a virtual button located within the official Domino’s app which more or less does the same thing.

Who knows, perhaps it will arrive in one of these tricked-out delivery cars with built-in ovens or via drone.

Meanwhile, Domino’s isn’t the only company inspired by Amazon’s Dash button idea. Netflix recently shared instructions on how to build your own switch that will dim the lights, silence incoming calls, order takeout, and turn on the streaming service with the press of a button.