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Orcinus Orchestral Digital Grand Piano looks out of this world

orcinusSo, you’re thinking of getting a piano for your home, but are not quite sure which particular model to pick up simply because you have plenty of dough to burn, and would not mind even having a grand piano delivered to your doorsteps? There are many options available then if this is the case, and if you have a seemingly bottomless bank account, then the $105,000 Orcinus Orchestral Digital Grand Piano does seem to be the most perfect platform to usher in tunes to your home.

After all, the Orcinus Orchestral Digital Grand Piano happens to obtain its curved, sleek design from the graceful yet powerful form of the Orcinus orca. One of the reasons as to why it costs so much is because it has been handmade in the United Kingdom in order to suit individual preference, ranging from the polish of the exterior to the upholstery of the matching seat. Everything about the Orcinus has been crafted using components from German concerns Kluge and Renner, who so happens to be provider of the world’s best piano mechanics. It will boast of 88 Ivoplast and ebony keys to provide the same balanced hammer action as a concert grand, while sporting a world-leading 500-tone Roland audio processor that suffuses each note with realistic acoustic character and nuance. Not only that, five built-in speakers that comprise of its 200-watt audio system will work in tandem with a passive membrane that has been integrated into the piano’s bottom that amplifies low-frequency sounds to replicate the sonorous silhouette of a wooden resonance board. Pretty slick, don’t you think so?