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Orb Music Player lets you stream audio wirelessly

The Orb Music Player has realized that people aren’t using their stereo anymore. After all, most people have their music on their iPods, smartphones, and computers. What am I going to play on my stereo, radio and CDs? Fortunately, the Orb Music Player will allow the user to play their music library on their computer or smartphone. All it takes is a spare audio input on the stereo and a place to plug the Orb in. Set up takes a lot of time, but if I am singing your tune, and you want that old stereo to be singing your tunes, this could be your device. Setting up is all about downloading the software from the company site on your PC and Mac. You will then be prompted to connect the Orb Music Player via USB. Once it downloads everything it needs onto the Orb from your computer, you can set up your home network with your iPod, iPad, or Android smartphone as a wireless remote for your tunes. You can even set up several Orbs throughout the house. In short, your house and all of its audio devices will be wired for sound with the use of many Orbs. Keep in mind that your music had better be organized well, or the Orb won’t be able to access it. You can also go into Internet Radio services if you like. Want to get started Orb-ing your life? Head to the official site and pay $79.99 per Orb Music Player. ]]>