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The Orange Peel Pro – why work if you don’t have to?


If you are feeding more than just yourself at home, prepping homemade meals and keeping on top of natural, healthy snacks can be a cumbersome task. Every small aspect of cutting, peeling, chopping, and slicing adds minutes to your time stuck in the kitchen. For those that work more than they play, those minutes actually mean something to you, and parting with a bit of money to reclaim them is worth it.

For the serious fruit and veggie lover, the Orange Peel Pro will seem like the best time-saver you could imagine. This machine will fix your preferred fruit or veggie in place, and once you set how deep you want it to peel and press start, the magic begins. It’s a bit clunky, but it can get through 3 fruits or vegetables in a minute flat. If you are really determined, or are working with smaller produce, you can probably do more than that.

This is obviously only going to a-peel (sorry, not sorry) to those who eat a massive amount of fresh produce and really hate having to peel the things themselves. I say this mainly because it’ll cost you around $134.99 to get one. The only people I can see spending that kind of money are usually vegetarian or vegan, and eat much more from the produce section than your average Joe. Cleaning will likely be a pain, but at least it will make quick work of an otherwise tedious, menial task.

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