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Optoma Primo8 in-ear headphones delivers quality without compromising on style

optoma-nuforceThere needs to be both style and substance in this day and age regardless of whatever product you are looking at, and the headphones would be one such candidate. Optoma knows this, which is why they have come up with what they call the Primo8 in-ear headphones, which has been touted to deliver stellar bass, captivating mids and delicate highs in order to envelop the listener in musical textures that are almost real enough to touch.

Optoma is famous for being an international projector and audio brand, and the reintroduction of the NuForce Primo8 headphones is definitely a milestone. This happens to be a flagship audiophile-quality in-ear headphones, where Primo8 will bring together the coherence and seamlessness of one-driver earphones alongside the detail and transient speed of balanced armature drivers, resulting in an extraordinarily natural, lifelike sound. In addition, the Primo8 also excels in its ability to reproduce vocals which would make it stand out from the rest of the in-ear headphones on the market.

Optoma has definitely outdone themselves by outfitting each Primo8 earpiece with a quartet of proprietary balanced armature speakers in order to form a 3-way design. This four balanced-armature drivers are located in each earphone, resulting in smooth, extended response, explosive dynamic realism and fatigue-free sound. Out of this, a pair of the speakers will operate as one for bass frequencies, with one speaker for midrange and one speaker for treble.

Having a pair of speakers that work alongside one another to reproduce the lowest frequency ranges will see the listener experience the purest, most natural bass possible. The Primo8’s fast, rock-solid bass will definitely fulfill its role as the foundation for dynamic sound reproduction, and this was previously available only in the most costly over-ear dynamic and electrostatic designs. The Primo8’s proprietary crossover design will also see all four of the earphone’s speakers sing in harmony as one. There is no doubt that this technology has clearly audible results.

The Optoma Primo8 will come with a recommended retail price of $499 apiece.

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