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Optoma has a pair of new earphones available

optoma-neI suppose having a good pair of earphones is essential, especially if you happen to be one who spends plenty of time commuting each day, and would like to listen to your favorite tunes along the way in order to pass time. Having said that, there are way too many different brands out there in the market,and each company would have touted the merits of individual headsets. Optoma is one of them, and this particular company has just announced the availability of not one, but two new earphones, known as the NE800M and NE750M, which will make up part of its NuForce range of audio products.

Optoma did show off these earphones earlier this year at CES, but they were not made available for purchase, not at least until now. These earphones have been specially designed for those who care about the best sound quality, and happen to be perfect for audio enthusiasts, music lovers and gamers alike.

Both earphones will boast of new NuForce designed 8.6mm UWB (ultra-wideband) drivers for superior sound quality. The innovative aperiodic bass loading method is said to be able to yield a wide and open soundstage, at the same time reducing the ear pressure for a fatigue free and more comfortable listening experience. It does come with exceptional acoustic design, top quality components and an ultra-lightweight and durable chassis, where the NE800M and NE750M offer a substantial upgrade from the standard earphones which happen to accompany a new smartphone or music player. Both of these earphones will also come equipped with a smartphone compatible microphone, and they have their very own carrying case and a range of ear tips in various sizes in order to ensure the best possible fit.

The NE800M earphones have been machined from carbon fiber, and this would help eliminate the micro-dynamic vibrations which add unnecessary colorations to music. Fret not about your ears, as the soft silicone tips will deliver the best shape, fit and sound quality to any user. It comes only in one shade – Black Carbon Fiber with Brass, sporting an asking price of $149.

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