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Optoma GT100 Mini Projector

Mini projectors haven’t really caught on ever since they were introduced to the masses some time ago, and we’re guessing that’s because there really isn’t a deep rooted need for one of these puppies. Well, that doesn’t mean manufacturers will stop churning out such devices, otherwise we wouldn’t have the £229.99 Optoma GT100 Mini Projector to play around with. Capable of throwing an image of up to 75-inches in size, the Optoma GT100 will play nice with just about any video game console, set top box, DVD players, notebooks as well as other compatible devices onto any flat surface.

The brightness level needs some looking into though at just 50 lumens, which means your room will need to be pretty dark – otherwise your audience will be treated to washed otu colors. Apart from that, external speakers are a must if you’re watching a movie on this thing since the integrated 1.5w speaker isn’t going to add much ambience to the whole situation. Maxing out at WVGA resolution (854 x 480), you can forget about watching High Definition videos on this thing, although regular DVDs will do just fine. The lamp life of 30,000 hours ought to last you for quite a number of years, as we don’t forsee this being used regularly. Reasonable enough to be placed under the Christmas tree though.

4 thoughts on “Optoma GT100 Mini Projector”

  1. The model number for this projector is the PT100, not GT100. The PT stands for PlayTime, and the PT100 is the first projector in Optoma’s PlayTime line.

  2. In the uk it’s GT100. I picked mine up for £100 from firebox, and even now at £159.99 it’s a good buy. I have replaced my tv in my bedroom with it so using it nearly every day. Very quiet, does work it’s best in a dark room, but equally with reasonable ambient light, and a smaller image it’s very good. Though I don’t use the speakers, if I was camping with it, def would as they are loud and clear. It’s not a very short throw lens, and at 75″ the image would be a little dark. I project at about 58″.

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