The Oppo Food Ball for Dogs makes sure there’s time to enjoy a meal

The Oppo food bowl for dogs

If you’ve ever set down a food dish with a dog in the house, you know that they’ll come tearing into the room and be done eating in less than a minute. This can lead to an upset stomach, or like a toddler with too many cheerios, choking. If you wish your pooch would slow down, but don’t want to be forced to wait on them to eat tiny portions before refilling their dish, then getting a bowl that makes them work a bit more for their food might be in order.

The Oppo Food Ball for Dogs is a bowl that has a rounded base and internal sections to collect food. This will have your pup taking at least twice as long to eat, and pausing in between bites. Eating would be more than just a mound of food to shove their faces into. There are two different sizes for small and large dogs, and three color accents to choose from including cherry, orange, and blue.

Not only will this slow down the inhalation of food, but it will encourage them to actually chew rather than take in as much as they can all at once. This is a $39 purchase that is easy to keep clean as it is a simple task to take it apart. Of course, it will also stop dogs from tossing kibble all over the place, so it’s less cleaning all around. It may be more frustrating for your furry friend to get dinner, but seems like it would be better for them in the long run.

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