The Opolar Vacuum Fan Laptop Cooler – don’t let overheating win the day

Opolar Laptop Cooling Vacuum Fan

If you love gaming, you know the hard life that comes with playing on a laptop. Even the more powerful ones overheat if you go at it for too long and can shut off mid-game. The key to gaming longer and still being able to run everything else in the background is keeping your laptop cool. Since the body is so small, you can’t have as powerful of a fan like a PC.

Instead of trying to wait for it to cool down, you could always invest in the Opolar Laptop Cooler, as it uses a vacuum fan to suck the heat out of your air vents and is a good alternative to a laptop cooling pad. It’s a compact system that is easy to put on, and you only have to line it up once to be able to rapidly reduce the surface and internal temperature of your laptop by 18-50 degrees Fahrenheit. This is definitely going to be better than just elevating it on a slatted platform or using fans on the exterior.

To install this, you’ll need to put on the adhesive mounting plate, pick the correctly sized shroud to fit over your air vents, attach the junction plate, and put it in place. There are 13 different speeds to manage the airflow and noise, and the clamping arms will make sure even the most heated of battles won’t have this coming off. This will cost you $25.99, and will let you game on until your hands or eyes tire out rather than giving you toasted wrists and sweaty palms.