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OpenFrame does what the iPhone did, but for the Land Line

Okay, raise your hand if you still have a landline. I’m getting very few hands, here. For those that have them up, may I suggest the OpenFrame platform?

As you can see, the OpenFrame looks like someone took the menu screen on the iPhone and put it on a digital picture frame. It also comes with some handsets that presumably link up wirelessly with the apparatus.

I’m not certain how well you can read the windows from the attached photo, but it has options like a calendar, plus access to on-line features such as local weather and news. It appears there is a movie function, so I’m guessing this allows you to play video. I also see some other ones including an icon for Sirius satellite radio, and even one for Flickr.

The problem with this device is that landlines are steadily decreasing. There are some people who will not give up on them, and perhaps this device is for them. Let’s hope your grandmother will have an easy time using it.

The OpenFrame made its debut at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. There is no word on the availability of the OpenFrame, but the word is the price will be somewhere along the line of $200 to $300.