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OOWA Lenses help your Instagram feed look amazing


Being a photographer means sinking tons of money into camera bodies, lenses, and accessories to get the clearest, sharpest image possible. It’s very expensive, and not many people get to make it their full time living due to the time and effort you have to put into it to make a truly amazing image. The rest of us have aspirations of being full-fledged photographers, but don’t want to sink our whole lives into the process, so we take pictures on our phones and upload it to social media.

If you want better images on your phone you’ll have to spend extra to get extra, but the OOWA is looking like a pretty solid option to make your phone a close equivalent to a DSLR. If taking crystal clear images is one of your life goals, then these lenses will help you achieve it. This is a case and lens combination that will give you a 75mm telephoto and 15mm wide-angle lens that are capable of f1.75, or 2.2 with an iPhone.

This will let you take sharp images that don’t have that horrid graininess close up or image quality that falls off around the edges. These only work well with iPhone 6 and above, and while there are plans to be compatible with the next iPhone, there’s no talk of working with Android. You can pick up both lenses for $139, which comes with lens caps and carrying pouches, or you can buy individuals at $79 a piece.

Available for crowdfuding on Kickstarter