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The Onyx Walkie Talkies give unlimited range

Onyx Walkie Talkie

The idea of being able to wear and use a Communicator like those seen in Star Trek is obviously something everyone wants to try. While we have our cell phones, it’s just not the same as being able to tap a pin on your shirt and have instant access to a friend who may or may not be nearby. We got a feel for this sort of device through walkie talkies as kids, and now that we’re adults, we don’t get to use them unless we have to for work.

 It won’t function like a normal long-range walkie talkie, but this Onyx can certainly give you instant access to your friends and family. These are “smart” walkie talkies, in that they give you unlimited range through the cellular data on your smartphone. They have unlimited channels, and easily pair with Android and iOS smartphones alike. They’re lightweight, and can clip onto your clothes or bag easily.

You’ll be able to name the various channels you share with friends to keep track of who is speaking, and a map on the app will show you where the other end is on the globe. Getting a pair of these in black, silver, iridescent cobalt or rose will cost you $199.99. Sadly, if either of you don’t have your phone with cell and internet access available when you want to use this, you can’t.

Available for purchase on Amazon