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Online Coat Rack nags you to wear your coat

As you become an adult, you no longer have your parents to tell you exactly what you should be wearing in different weather.  Thankfully, there’s the internet so that you never have to have your own common sense. Instead of always hopping online just before you leave though, you could have this Online Coat Rack.  It’ll let you know how the day is going to be, which will help you choose which coat you need to be using.

Since it doubles as a coat rack you’ll know exactly what you need as you’re wandering out the door.  No longer will you be caught in the rain with no umbrella handy.  That is unless the internet fails, which we all know absolutely doesn’t happen.  If it’s on the internet, it’s just a fact.  Sadly this coat rack is still a concept design, so it can’t be purchased just yet.

Source: Ubergizmo