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Onewheel+ XR has an extended range

OnewheelxrplusWhat are some of the ways which you get around town? Do you do so on a bicycle, or perhaps take the public transport or drive an electric car in order to be as green as possible while reducing your carbon footprint? Well, if a particular destination is not too far away and you do not feel like sweating it out in a vigorous walk, there is always the all-new flagship Onewheel+ XR. The Onewheel+ XR is marketed as an extended range model for on- and off-road journeys as long as it remains within a 12 to 18 mile range, making it a huge increase over the current 6 to 8 mile range that the regular Onewheel+ offers at this point in time. Of course, going farther is not the only advantage of the XR model (which most probably is an acronym for eXtended Range), as this all-new personal mobility device will also boast of increased power, torque and a higher performance level for all riders.

 Future Motion Founder and CEO Kyle Doerksen shared, “Onewheel+ XR is incredible for transportation. Having more range doesn’t just let you go farther it lets you change the way you use the product.”

With additional range, there is a whole lot more freedom involved, and one does not have to think too much about how far one can go on a single charge. The XR will help ease the shackles of such a mindset, making it a decent personal mobility device that is stress-free and eco-friendly. Achieving the extended range capability required throwing out the old battery system and replacing it with a new one, which the company was successful in doing so. The Onewheel+ XR can also connect to the Onewheel App which is available on iOS and Android platforms, enabling Digital Shaping, the recording of and sharing of rides with friends. It will also be accompanied by Surestance footpads and Hypercore motor technology.

Surely monowheel personal mobility devices are catching on hard and fast these days. Don’t miss out on the latest trends by following all of our coverage here on Coolest Gadgets.

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