OneSense headphones helps you concentrate on music alone

Music is a very personal area of one’s personality, and there are times when we just want to lose ourselves in the musical tracks of our favorite composers and artists. However, with so many distractions around these days, what are some of the methods worth employing for a more satisfying aural experience? Enter the OneSense headphones concept that does look like something out of Lady Gaga’s accessories bag. Not only does the OneSense headphones cover your ears, it will also make sure you remain “blind” to the rest of the world, coming in a stunning bright red design as well as intimidating spikes which will appeal to those who are partial to the punk culture, but for the most part, others would prefer to leave you alone.
The OneSense headphones are the brainchild of designer Joe Doucet, where it will be available for you to ogle at this coming April 17th to 21st at the Meet My Project event which is happening in Milan, Italy. Basically, the OneSense headphones intends to send the message across that despite all the connectivity around us, we still need periods of peace and tranquility.