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OnePlus X is a thing of beauty

oneplus-xNow here is a new smartphone that will merge sleek design alongside a performance that will not put you to shame – the OnePlus X. Of course, the invitation system will be part of the deal just like the other OnePlus devices in the past, but we shall dwell on that later on. The OnePlus X will feature a new range of premium build materials in its manufacturing process, where you can pick it up in Onyx black glass or if you are one who is always on the lookout for something more special, can settle for the limited Ceramic edition that will boast of an elevated level of craftsmanship and power for OnePlus.

This is where form and function comes together in the form of the OnePlus X, where the two separate editions have been specially inspired by the exquisite handiwork featured. The OnePlus X Onyx happens to be fashioned from black glass on a metal bezel, which will result in a premium feel each time you hold it, where every single glass backplate has been cut to size and polished repeatedly so that it can achieve a smooth, glossy, mirror-like finish. There will be slightly rounded edges that deliver the handset a fluid and seamless feel, tipping the scales at a mere 4.86 oz to make it the lightest and slimmest OnePlus device to date.

As for the Ceramic version of the OnePlus X, it has been crafted in a process that will take a total of 25 days. First of all, it begins with a zirconia mold just 0.5 mm thick, where the ceramic will be fire­-baked up to 2,700°F for over 28 hours taking two full days to cool down. Each individual OnePlus X backplate will then undergo a trio of meticulous methods of polishing before it is deemed to be flawless enough for use. Then, it will boast of a scratch-resistant screen with a hardness of 8.5H on the Mohs scale and weighing 5.64 oz.

There is also a brushed anodized metal frame that is etched with 17 elegant microcuts which will surround the OnePlus X. A convenient Alert Slider for easy notification adjustments will take the left side of the device, while the power button and volume rocker are located on the opposite end. At the back lies a 13MP camera that is merged with f/2.2 aperture, where it has a lightning-­fast 0.2 -second autofocus with phase detection autofocus (PDAF).

Underneath the hood lies a Snapdragon 801 processor with Adreno 330 GPU, dual SIM slots, a microSD memory card slot, and 3GB of RAM, whereas on the outside your eyes will definitely appreciate the 5” 1080p Active Matrix OLED screen that will be responsive and incredibly bright in direct sunlight, sporting 441 PPI resolution which ensures every image is razor sharp.

The OnePlus X Onyx will be available via an invitation for EUR269.00 on November 5th, while folks living in the US will have to settle for a November 19 release date for $249.00 a pop. As for the Ceramic edition, it will arrive with a Ceramic-­specific invite in Europe and India starting November 24 for EUR 369.00, where a total of 10,000 OnePlus X Ceramic handsets will be made.

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