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The One-Person Electric Watercraft – get away from it all

One Person Electric Watercraft

When summer hits, regardless of whether you’re working a full week or not, you use the weekends like you’re a kid on a two-month long break. You can escape the rest of the world, and everything melts into sun and relaxation. However, even at the beach or lake, things can still be a bit too noisy.

If you need to fully escape on your own without any hindrance, even that of having to stand on land, then the One-Person Electric Watercraft would be a dream come true. This is an electric motorboat that will only fit you, a beverage, and some snacks. Its fiberglass body with mahogany trim is propelled forward by a 12-volt battery. Capping out at 4mph, it is better suited for a lake or pond rather than open ocean.

This has chrome moldings, stainless steel cup holders, and a twin foam padded seat covered in marine-grand vinyl. It can hold up to 320 pounds, and a knob on the port side will allow you to choose your speed forward and backward. On the starboard, a hand tiller with thumb-activated throttle will allow you to steer effortlessly. There’s a 120-watt audio system that can connect to your iDevice, and a cooler that can hold 12 bottles or cans. This is going to cost $3,500, which means it is aimed at people who not only have a private pond or lake, but also have enough disposable income to afford something more than some logs tied together to float on.

Available for purchase on Hammacher