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OMsignal Smart Sports Bra tells you more than just your heart rate

ombraHow many of you avid runners out there now take your jogs or runs with an accompanying fitness tracker, or at least have your smartphone hooked up to an app that will keep track of the number of calories burned and heart rate? Quite a number, I believe, as technology has certainly done its bit to open the door to better living. Well, the ladies might want to check out what OMsignal has in store for them in the form of the Smart Sports Bra.

The Smart Sports Bra is a piece of feminine wearable technology that goes far beyond that of a smartwatch and other wrist-based trackers. Also known as the OMbra, it will be accompanied by a new mobile app which will deliver the science of mindful running to women all over the world. The OMbra is the first ever first-ever smart sports bra which will feel and look great. Not only that, it will deliver incredible support, and will come with seamlessly embedded sensors which are capable of keeping track of your heart rate, breathing and more in order to transform the running experience for women. When you sync the OMbra with the OMrun app, you will be able to enjoy biometric coaching at every step of the way.

The patent-pending sensor technologies embedded within are sensitive enough to accurately capture the body’s deepest signals, where it will then stream the collected data to the user’s mobile device. The OMbra goes beyond the elementary heart rate monitoring of smartwatches. It will not only combine accurate heart and breathing rhythms, it will also then work to deliver actionable insights for runners of all levels.

Thanks to the OMrun personalized running app for women, it will scientifically determine each person’s intensity level for optimal progress and fat burning results, all the while ensuring that risk of injury and fatigue is reduced. A pair of OMbra will cost you $70 a pop.

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