OMGIGHO convertible rocking chair

A rocking chair is a rocking chair, is it not? Apparently not, as your grandfather’s rocking chair is far obsolete compared to the OMGIGHO convertible rocking chair that you see above. Granted, this is still in the conceptual stage since it needs your help to be realized as part of the Kickstarter community, but at least it is a start, and you know that with enough funds, it would also be possible to get cracking on such a piece of home furniture. This multi-function rocking chair is also known as the GO-GO Multi-Function Rocking Chair, or if you find that to be too long for your liking, then just a plain and simple “GO-GO” will do.
This chair is said to be the first of its kind, where it is tipped to be on the receiving end of significant attention from representatives of both the video game and furniture industries. In fact, OMGIGHO managed to successfully secure a provisional patent on the GO-GO sometime earlier this year, going to show just how serious the folks over there are about realizing this dream of theirs.

When you take a first look at the OMGIGHO GO-GO, it does somewhat resemble a sleek, modern rocking chair that comes complete with a birchwood base and black rubber trim. However, those who are sharper eyed will be able to take note of its more unique aspects right there and then, that is, the GO-GO being a chair which is actually a real autoseat. This would give the game away to the more hot blooded among you – this particular rocker will be able to transform into a simulated racing cockpit for video games or a laptop workstation, now how about that? Surely it will not have the same kind of experience as the Tumbler from Batman when it is in weapons mode, but still…
Colin James, OMGIGHO co-founder and creator of the GO-GO, said, “The use of a real auto seat allows for a full range of adjustment. It’s unlike any other rocking chair on the market,” the avid gamer affirms. There is still some way to go in achieving its goal of $10,000, as at press time, the OMGIGHO GO-GO chair has just achieved $1,746 in funding from 16 backers.
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