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Ollie the app-controlled robot

ollie-spheroJust when you thought that an ollie a word that refers to just a skateboarding trick, along comes this unique robot from Sphero, where it is also known as Ollie. Being an app-controlled robot, you will be able to find yet another use for your smartphone, now how about that? While it is powered by an internal battery, it will be driven by adrenaline. In fact, the $99.99 Ollie is so agile, one will be able to send it flying over the competition at 14MPH – all the while without having to relinquish control of it.

The Ollie is capable of spinning, drifting, turning and tumbling around, and all of these can be controlled straight from an app, now how about that for additional flexibility? You will also be able to use your creativity to come up and master your trick combinations so that you will be able to impress whoever lays eyes on Ollie. The exterior is protected by a durable polycarbonate shell, while it has been specially outfitted with glowing LEDs in order to deliver some decent night time or low light entertainment. Playing nice with iOS and Android devices over Bluetooth, it can be charged via Bluetooth.