Olive Opus No. 4


Beethoven might have his 9th Symphony, but Olive has come up with Opus No. 4 for the masses instead. Just in case you haven’t quite heard of Olive, their latest masterpiece, the Opus No. 4, was specially made to deliver a new standard in high quality digital music experiences, offering an unprecedented 2TB capacity in the flagship model from their stable. For those who want something different instead of relying on the usual stuff from other manufacturers such as Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic, the Olive Opus No. 4 enables consumers to experience their music in true hi-fi audio quality, boasting similar in sound clarity as your CDs sans the hassle and clutter. The 2TB of storage space enables one to store thousands of CDs worth of music in original quality, and can be hooked up to traditional stereo systems while enabling playback through an intuitive touchscreen menu.

Some of the features of the Opus No. 4 include :-

  • Music is stored using lossless compression (FLAC) for the best possible reproduction of the original recording, including every tone in the artists voices and individual instruments in vivid clarity
  • Sound quality is further enhanced by a high resolution digital-to-analog converter (DAC), optimized circuit design and precision power supply
  • Holds almost 6000 CDs so even the largest music collection is all instantly accessible
  • Navigation is fast and intuitive through a color-coded touchscreen menu or familiar CD player buttons
  • Digitizing music in high fidelity is incredibly easy – either insert CDs into the built-in CD drive and the music is imported and automatically categorized…or allow Olive to do the work for you with its CD digitizing service
  • Playback can be expanded throughout the home using the Melody Hi-Fi Multi-Room Player, which connects to the Opus through a wireless or wired network and allows music to be played in up to 10 rooms simultaneously
  • Thoughtful design, craftsmanship and high-quality materials – fine grade aluminum exterior etched with distinctive musical genre pattern is stylish, functional (cooling without a noisy fan) and recyclable
  • Maestro browser-based software makes music management easy to do – drag & drop playlist creation, metadata personalization and album artwork customization
  • Thousands of pre-set internet radio stations are available and adding other personal favorites is easy
  • Metadata library is extensive and regularly bolstered by proprietary additions, e.g. only Olive includes such detailed genre-specific information for Classical as Composer, Work, Orchestra, Conductor, Instrument/Voice, Choir, Soloist and for Jazz as Artist, Album, Sidemen, Release Date, Music Label, Instrument/Voice, Original Recording Date
  • Opus is not a computer peripheral, so it frees the music experience from PCs or network storage devices and related security/virus concerns
  • Set-up is simple, no home installers are required

Depending on your budget, the Opus No. 4 will come in 2TB, 1TB and 500GB capacities that retail for $1,599, $1,599 and $1,799, respectively, when August rolls around.

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