Oliso Frisper Freshkeeper Vacuum Sealer

oliso.jpgEveryone knows that food spoils faster if it is not properly kept, and for most ordinary foodstuffs, there is nothing quite like a vacuum-sealed bag to keep things fresh. The Oliso Frisper Freshkeeper Vacuum Sealer does exactly just that, although it will suck $79.95 from your wallets before you can bring one home.

Compact vacuum sealing system puts the speed and power of professional food-preservation systems inside your kitchen drawer. Handsfree, one-step simplicity — just place a Vac-Snap™ bag in the Frisper™ and snap the lid closed. Its built-in vacuum automatically creates an airtight seal in seconds. Reusable Vac-Snap™ bags vacuum seal and unseal as conveniently as ordinary zipper-closure bags — without cutting. They are airtight, moisture proof, odor impermeable and safe for fridge, freezer, microwave or simmering.

Mother’s Day might be over, but you don’t have to wait until then to get your mom a gift!

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