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OleaVision in-Vehicle Life Presence Detector

olea-sensorThere has been many reports of an absent minded parent or caretaker leaving a pet or child behind in a car, totally forgetting about the whole situation until returning later only to find that tragedy has struck. This can be one of the most traumatic things to have happened in one’s life, and the guilt of doing so might prove unbearable for many. Since prevention is always better than cure, Olea Sensor Networks figured out that there has to be a better method to ensure that tragedy does not even strike in the first place, hence the release of the OleaVision in-Vehicle Life Presence Detector.

 Using their position as a leader in intelligent sensors and analytic software for sensor network-based systems, Olea Sensor Networks figured out that their all-new OleaVision in-Vehicle Life Presence Detector is the ideal in-cabin device that will be able to help prevent hot car deaths of children and other pets that remain unattended in vehicles due to a slip of the mind or simply sheer negligence.

This particular system will comprise of a wireless, contactless device, which can be installed in the cabin of any vehicle in a simple manner: over the door of the back seat. The device is able to detect the presence of a living being in the vehicle cabin, but what if the subject happens to be sleeping soundly at first and hence, remains motionless? Fret not, it is even capable of figuring out whether something’s alive in there thanks to Olea’s proprietary continuous vital sign detection technology. Specially designed to send an alert to the driver of the vehicle the moment they are about to get out of the vehicle or have already done so, precious lives can be saved. Not only that, the OleaVision in-Vehicle Life Presence Detector can be programmed to alert first responders just in case the driver or caretaker fails to take any action. Definitely another smart device that is worth checking out!

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