Oilless Fryer makes for a healthier alternative

oilless-fryerIt goes without saying that many of us have gotten a whole lot more health conscious than before, and organic cafes that whip up delicious meals minus the fat are mushrooming all over the place, too, doing pretty well on their own when you think about it. The method of cooking, too, does play an important role in your daily meals, and for those of us who love fried stuff, you might want to check out this $249.95 Oilless Fryer.

The Oilless Fryer is capable of cooking crisp, succulent fried food – all without the need for any oil. Just how is this “magic” achieved? Well, there is an infrared heating element that will be able to heat to 400° F, while an internal fan circulates the dry hot air in order to cook golden-brown fried food using 80% less fat than deep-fried foodstuffs. This particular Oilless Fryer is capable of handling chicken wings, french fries, or spring rolls without batting an eyelid, delivering the same crunchy exterior and moist interior that you will find by using conventional deep fryers. The thing is, is this capable of handling a high volume at any one time? That depends on the appetite of your guests, as it can cook up to four cups of french fries simultaneously.