Oh Mr. Roboto, I see you there, shakin that,,

Biglift robogamesSure, you’ve wanted a suit to make you so strong you could punch through the hulk while looking cooler than the Fonz. Well, it’s closer than you think (not the ‘cool as the Fonz’ thing, the other one, you’re still a geek).


It’s the Exoskeleton Olympics!! It happens every four years, for the first time ever, and it’s,,, riveting!!! Get it,, cause rivets are used to connect parts, and,,, never mind. (second vid ‘warm ups’)

Yet another sweet exoskeleton batch has dropped lately. If you are like me, and desire to see weaklings leg press a small house with nothing but wires, steel, their brains, and a small amount of muscle power, then you are in for a treat!

There is the Project Grizzly guy’s new suit

The Bleex suit over at U.C. Berkeley Video 1 Video 2 (maybe I should go over and give it a try if they’ll let me)

Then there’s the suit by, and I’m not joking here, Cyberdyne, (shudder) it’s of course called the H.A.L., so that’s umm, going to end up in a horrifying way for the world, but we’re not going into that right now, the suit is sweet! It looks like there’s a great collection of their earlier, and much more prototype stage versions here, here, and here.
Here’s a great walker suit from Robogames (apparently it’s from the second day there, (see if you can figure out how I knew that))

Finally, for good measure, everyone’s favorite tennis ball launching Mecha Video.

Special thanks to New Scientist, YouTube, and our friends at Berkeley, who I’m going to have to try and contact and give a try on that suit!