OggBoard could spell the end for “bored” games

This is the Oggboard, and the “Ogg” is short for augmented reality. The Oggboard combines traditional turn-based strategy games with augmented reality, a nifty piece of technology that I have reported on more than once, for sure.
The board has a simplistic yet unusual design where each user places his or her smartphone to view the specially made tiles. This board folds up easily for compact storage.
You can watch the video after the jump to see that the phone’s view creates lifelike game avatars that battle each other out.
The video shows chessman looking like something out of the movie 300, and I can’t wait to see what Stratego looks like. Just think what Dungeons and Dragons or other pencil-and-paper Role Playing Games would look like. The same goes for card based games.
This is definitely another advancement in gaming that could change the gaming field as we know it. Having just returned from the PAX Prime gaming convention last week, I would not be surprised if something like this showed up next year.
As of right now, this is another Kickstarter project, which means it needs funding to get it off the ground. They need about $45,000, and they estimate that the board itself costs about $30.