Official Rock Band bag is perfect for toting your plastic drums

Rock Band Drum Bag

I’m sure that at least a few of you out there have picked up Rock Band. For those of you that haven’t, I highly recommend doing so. It’s really a fun time for just about anyone, especially if you have lots of friends with plenty of free time. We’ll go into all of that another time. Those of you that have picked up the game will all agree on one thing: the drums are a pain to carry around. That’s why this official Rock Band Drum Bag is almost essential to the mobile rocker.

There will come a time when you decide to haul your drums over to a friend’s place for some one-on-one drum action. Then you’ll have to figure out exactly how to transport the drums. Sure, they break down, but you don’t just want to toss them in a duffel bag. The official bag looks like it will be a perfect way to store all of the pieces.

You know that your friend will be more than a little intimidated of your skills when you calmly walk in with your fancy briefcase-looking bag containing your drums. Just be sure that you’ve got some skills to back it up. The Official Rock Band Drum Bag will set you back $50, which is a small price considering you can’t purchase a standalone drum kit to replace the one your broke during transit.

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