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The OfficeGYM – don’t just sit there, DO SOMETHING


Sitting still for hours upon hours at work is pretty rough on your body. It’s important to get up and move every once in a while, but that only gets your legs pumping. While you can’t exactly keep irons under your desk, a chair attachment to work out your arms might be manageable without being too blatant about ignoring work because you are both bored and restless.

The OfficeGYM is specifically aimed at those who are stuck in an office chair for most of the day. The resistance isn’t going to help you get ripped, but it will help prevent your body from getting stiff, and will maybe give you a teensy bit of muscle mass. It is easy to install for either joined or separated back chairs, and you can lock the aluminum bars into place with the knob on the back once you have it placed where you’d like for your workout.

There is a bit of setup involved with putting the thing together and getting it onto your chair, but once it’s in place you’re likely not going to be moving it much. The only annoying part is that the straps sit on the back of your chair, which would likely get a little uncomfortable in those hours where you aren’t doing anything but working. This is going to cost you $129, but could be useful if you force yourself to use it everyday in more than one locked angle.

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