Office Chair Strength Trainer

Sitting in front of the computer at your work desk all day long is no fun, as any office drone can attest to that. Well, for folks who feel that they need to stretch a bit around the cubicle, or simply want to make sure that their muscles and joints are in flexible working order, how about placing an order for the $199.95 Office Chair Strength Trainer?
This unique strength trainer would not only allow you to build and tone muscles even when you are seated in your office chair, it comes with dual Velcro straps that are attached to a backrest, so that the elastic bands and pulley system deliver the right amount of resistance as you perform traditional weightlifting movements. You will be able to choose from sets of elastic bands that can be interchanged to deliver four, eight, and 12 pounds of resistance for the more than 20 possible exercises.
Some of these exercises include bicep curls, shoulder presses, and bench presses. This is one nifty chair that helps relieve muscle tension which accumulate during long periods of sitting down, while the elastic bands help build strength without putting undue stress on joints. It has a frame that is made from durable polyamide and aluminum. Just remember to have some deodorant handy in your drawer!

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