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This Office Chair has heat and massage functions built in – is this heaven?

Heat and Massage Office Chai

Working in an office is only fun if you love your job. Even then, you live at work most waking hours during the week, which can be hard on your body, mind, and spirit. It’s very easy to get stressed, overeat, and many of us never stop answering emails even on the weekends, making it feel like we never get to clock out. This is why it’s so important to have your moments of zen and options for relaxation every which way you turn, so you know there’s a little slice of relief waiting nearby.

If your main annoyances while working are that you’re always cold and stressed, then this Executive Ergonomic Heated Vibrating Chair might give you one small ounce of escapism. It’s an exceedingly poofy, large office chair that has the look that it should be in the office of a higher up, but with all the bells and whistles that anyone would want. There are massage options for the upper back, lower back, and legs.

Standard for any office chair, you can adjust the seat height, but you’ll also be able to tinker with the position for added comfort. There is a remote control which will give you options for different modes and intensities for the vibration massage. The settings are tailored to tackle everything from healing back support to circulation and comfort for your legs. Made of Eco-friendly recycled leather, this will cost you around $240, and should make you a little more apt to sitting at your desk all day.

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