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Odor Free Litter Box

odor-free-litter-boxOwning a pet has many advantages, and if you happen to love cats, then you will certainly know that cats waft in and out of the house at their own whim and fancy, without paying any regard to you or your calls for their attention. They are more or less your master, and you, their slave. One advantage that cats have over dogs is they cover up their poop in the litter box, but more often than not there is still some unwanted smell that lingers around. Perhaps any ordinary litter box is not good enough if you want your home to be spic and span, as the $29.95 Odor Free Litter Box gets the job done without being offensive to your nose.

This litter box system gets rid of odors naturally, and it will not mask odors. Rather, this system makes use of a replaceable pad that is filled with zeolite, which is an inert organic mineral in order to absorb moisture, bacteria, and ammonia-infused odors that are associated with litter box waste. The pad will keep a home free of unpleasant aromas for up to 30 days with ordinary litter box use and maintenance. All that you need to do is to adhere the pad to the bottom the box, place it in the included grate over it, and fill it with 3″ of your preferred clay or sand clumping litter, and your kitty is good to go.