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Odor Eliminating Fish Roaster gets the job done in style

odor-eliminating-fish-roasterNow here is an indoor roaster which will boast of the ability to perfectly cook just about everything – ranging from tuna steaks to Dover sole, all without having to fill the kitchen with smoke or a fishy smell. Certainly this would be a fine addition to any home, as it would eliminate the need to clear up all that much afterwards. The $169.95 Odor Eliminating Fish Roaster comes with a platinum catalytic filter that is located in the lid, where it will react with odor- and smoke-causing particles in order to eliminate 90% of these byproducts.

The countertop roaster would also feature a wide stainless steel rack which can accommodate whole fish or fillets, as well as upper and lower heating elements that will work simultaneously in order to cook fish quickly and evenly, ensuring that the flesh remains moist, and the skin is crispy. The roaster will sport a built-in timer and is accompanied by a slotted fish spatula, while the rack is removable for easy cleanup. Surely you can have this to keep your indoor marshmallow roaster company!