The Octopus USB Hub


I honestly can’t believe that this gadget wasn’t released sooner.  After all, it’s a pretty logical combination, taking the tentacles of an octopus and turning them into little USB ports.  This would be the way to jam 15 different ports into one device and keep it looking fun.  As opposed to the other massive USB ports that just look plain boring.

This hub doesn’t have a lot of hubs, only a total of 4.  It’s probably enough for the average person though.  It still would look really cool packed full of different hubs though, but 4 works just as well.  The Octopus Hub comes in three different colors, you can purchase it in white, purple and black.  If you were hoping to pick up the purple octopus, you’ll have to hold off for a little bit.  As of now, that particular color is temporarily out of stock.  You can pick yours up for $10 on Gadget4all.

Source: Technabob