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This Octopus has multiple limbs and multiple purposes

Cute multi-functional octupus humidifier

We’ve all thought about how much more we could get done if only we had eight arms. Being able to clean, cook, write, draw, type, and play cards all at once would certainly speed up getting things done. Of course, just because you have extra arms doesn’t mean you would be any more accomplished in life, as we only do what we want to with our time anyhow.

This super cute Octopus Humidifier has 8 arms and it doesn’t use them for anything. While some would say it’s just being lazy, it still acts as a humidifier when there’s water in its reservoir, and there’s even a spot for all of your pens and pencils. Just goes to show you that you can do anything you want to. Especially if you were literally built to only have two functions and nothing else. Of course, there’s technically a third function if you use this as a flower pot instead of a pen holder.

This is really adorable with its crazy big eyes, and it is nice to see a humidifier that can do more than pump out some mist. The tank can hold 230mL of water, and it has purple light that shines when it’s humidifying to cut down on bacteria, which would be a fourth function, yay productivity! You will need this to be near an USB port to work, and you can choose from blue, green, or pink accents for your octopus. This will cost you around $20, and would be perfect for your office space or desk at home.

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