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Occly reveals the wearable Body Cam Alarm System

occlyWhen it comes to the issue of personal safety, there are several things that can be taken into consideration. While having a certain degree of knowledge concerning self-defense is always useful, why not go the extra mile by giving technology a chance to shine? Occly has come up with what they call the wearable Body Cam Alarm System, being the first of its kind from their product stable that will boast of a quartet of cameras which can capture close to 280 degrees around someone. This is not so much a security device as it is something that will allow a worker to enjoy additional employee safety and protection while they are going about their task.

The Body Cam Alarm System is able to continuously record an employee’s environment, compressing, encrypting and storing them on the Occly hardware right there and then. With Occly having already made inroads in different industries such as construction, railroad/transportation, hospitality and healthcare, the Body Cam Alarm System could not be released at a better time.

For instance, if there is an emergency that happens, all that it takes is a single press of the panic button, and the alarm will start to ring, while images, video and audio are sent instantly in real time to the Occly Monitoring Service. The same will also happen should any of the integrated sensors within the device itself be triggered. Another hardware capability of this unique piece of wearable technology includes GPS tracking, while Occly continues to work on an indoor location solution.

When the alarm rings, Occly’s Professional Emergency Monitoring representatives will receive all relevant information so that they can assess an emergency situation quickly. These are trained representatives, so they do know what they are doing. Right now, the Body Cam Alarm System is Bluetooth-enabled and operated using a smartphone with a cellular version being developed for a 2018 debut.

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