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Obligatory iPhone Post: we’re talking battery life …

Okay, so just about every tech blog in the Universe is gushing about the wonders of the 3G iPhone. How it supposedly costs 1/3 as much as it did last year, or the wonders of the Application store, or how the 3G network is blindingly fast by comparison of the EDGE network, and how it can even walk on water, raise someone from the dead or turn water into wine. But how long does it last before it needs a battery boost you ask? Only so-so. But there are ways to make it better.

According to Crave, who’s been deconstructing the Cupertino Hype machine for the last three days, the iPhone 3G has a realistic battery life that doesn’t last the whole day. Now granted, if users are still stuck on the EDGE network, they can get about an hour shy of the rated 10 hours battery life. That, at least, will get one through most of a work day. But unfortunately, in the hallmark 3G performance, the Jesus phone is lucky to last through lunch, having clocked in at about 5 hours under continuous use.

Fortunately, The Giz has some hints in how to squeeze even more talk time out of this, clearly battery hungry gadget – and it boils down to this … TURN STUFF OFF! Users can easily use the brighter LCD at 10% it’s set brightness. Next, turn off WiFi network scanning. It sucks the battery power. Kill the Bluetooth if you’re not using it for the same reason. Turn off GPS tracking until you really need it (it doesn’t give turn by turn directions anyway). And buy and install your iPhone applications while on your computer using iTunes. Using these tips should boost the actual time you actually use the iPhone as a PHONE to its maximum.

Hat Tip: Crave and Gizmodo

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