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Obama Farting Doll

There is one great thing about the US – you can more or less poke fun at the President, whom many tout to be the most powerful man in the world, without getting hauled to court. Such freedoms are definitely not possible at all in countries like North Korea, and with a capitalist mindset here Stateside, why not make light of your leader and earn some money on the side at the same time? This is what the $19.95 Obama Farting Doll is all about, and unlike some of his policies, no hot air can be detected here.
The Pootin’ Tootin’ President Obama Doll is certain to win votes for folks who want something really funny – all you need to do is press the Commander and Chief’s finger, and your ears will soon be greeted with a fart, followed by one out of 21 different, hilarious remarks which will be spewed out randomly. Measuring 9″ in height, each purchase will already come with batteries so you can get started right out of the box. Scary how the very same finger might actually be used to launch a nuclear missile when all peace talks have broken down.

4 thoughts on “Obama Farting Doll”

  1. Once you take a political stance, however slight and unintentional, [YOU] have crossed the line with a lot of the people who thought that you had a very good website with thoughtful products and ideas. But I see that something has inspired you to change and not for the better? Why would you insult the intelligence of Obama supporters, like me, with this piece of garbage?? I’m gone too!!

    • I’m sorry Ron, I didn’t know it would create an uproar. I apologize for hurting the feelings and intelligence of Obama and won’t post anything political in the future.

  2. Sounds like a few people can’t take a joke. Oh well..neither can the Taliban. They shot a girl today for writing about peace. Some people are just SO sensitive!!!

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