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OBAG Rolling Luggage gets around

Most of us have luggage or suitcases that can roll for our convenience, but those little wheels can only go so far. Especially when it comes to gravel or worse, the dreaded stairway.

I suppose it is only logical to create rolling luggage that can handle all terrains, and designer Roozbeh Mousavi of the Art Center College of Design has solved that problem by creating a rolling bag that is all wheel.

This appropriately named Rolling Bag, or OBAG, is designed to effortlessly glide over terrain as the user holds on to the retractable handle. It has already won the Reddot design award for this year.

Indeed, it is a good idea, but I will have to question how much space is available inside the OBAG. I believe that the circular section in the middle is designed to pull out like a drawer, and there is an opening on the other side. Either way, I don’t see a lot of space.

So how much can you actually fit in this? I suppose it would be good for an overnight bag, but it had better fit in the overhead compartment on a plane.

Well, the OBAG is merely a concept now, so we are a long way away from every piece of luggage on a plane becoming circular. However, that would be handy for airline luggage carriers, as they could stack the OBAGs like tires on a rack.