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Oasis Insta-Pool


How many of us have always wished we could afford a nice family size pool in our backyard, but when we look at a price tag of around $30,000, we just give up? Well, now you can have a wonderful pool set up in a few minutes that will only cost a fraction of the large price tag.

The Oasis Insta-Pool will not tear up your yard and you will not have to be taking the kids to the over-crowded public pool. You will have a large enough pool to fit the entire family and have it set up so quickly you will not believe your eyes. We are not talking about the small toddler pool by any means, this swimming pool is a full size 12 ½ feet.

You and your family will enjoy this unique and refreshing backyard swimming pool that only needs to be inflated before adding water. Then turn on the filter and enjoy a cool splash in the pool.

Oasis Insta-Pool is very fantastic outdoor recreational swimming pool. Your children will enjoy splashing, swimming, and playing every day in their new pool. Just don’t be surprised if they invite all of their friends over and there is no room left for you.

But, you can always enjoy your new swimming pool in the evening after work while the kids are asleep. You will have the pool in your backyard and be able to enjoy a swim with the moon above you and the twinkling stars giving you light. What is better after a long day at work than a dip in a cool refreshing pool?

The Oasis Insta-Pool is made from heavy duty 3-ply PVC and comes complete with PVC ground cover, filter pump, pool cover and ladder. You will love the price tag of only $199.95.