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The Oak Bottle infuses your spirits with flavorful consequences

Oak Bottle Master Infuser

If you are quite the connoisseur of “adult beverages”, then you likely know how different a drink aged in an oak container can taste in comparison to one that was kept in a glass bottle. This oaking process normally takes years to achieve in a barrel, or you can use a spiral or wood chips for faster results. However, despite needing less time there is possible residue and sediment that can come from the latter options.

If you would enjoy having the oak flavor without much hassle, then the Oak Bottle may be an investment worth looking into. This will reduce the oaking process to 24-48 hours for whatever type of beverage you would like to improve. This does take a bit of work, but if you are all about the flavor then it will be well worth the few minutes of upkeep every week.

To use this bottle, fill it with warm water and cork it for 24 hours so the wood can swell, pour it out, and fill it with your drink of choice. After 24-72 hours, you can have your beverage at room temperature or store it in the fridge for a chilled drink. There will be no residue left behind, and cleaning only requires warm water. You will need to use this regularly to prevent mold, and if you want to leave it unused for a while it will have to dry completely and be swelled again before use. After about 50 uses, this will start to lose its potency, so you’ll want to consider getting a new one. Ranging in price from $60-90, this is no cheap leisure purchase. There are flavored-infused bottles such as cinnamon, coffee, maple, and more to choose from aside from the regular oak, so there are a lot of different flavor experiences to be had.

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