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The O2 Hurricane Canless Air System is a portable air compressor

Hurricane O2 Canless Air

If you’re not careful, your computer will be home to a colony of dust and crumbs seemingly overnight. We use canned air to blast particulates out of our hardware, but we can tear through full cans in no time flat. It’s not that they’re overly expensive, but it does add up over time. Of course, there’s also the fun of freezing your fingers off from spraying it for too long.

If you’d rather avoid all of that, then you might enjoy the O2 Canless Air System. This is a reusable air compressor cleaning system that will provide you a high powered stream of air that is safe to use for cleaning and breathing. One charge can be the equivalent of 20 cans of air. The stream it produces shoots out air at 220 miles per hour, and can keep constant for 15 minutes straight. You will need to recharge it through the included power cord, and it can keep that charge for up to a month depending on the usage it gets.

This would be great for cleaning PCs, for those who deal with messy work like woodworking or plaster, starting fires, or just general cleaning. However, this is no small purchase at $139.99, even with its lifetime replacement warranty. Since this is just a very concentrated fan, there’s a chance it could lose its oomph after a while, but still be functional enough to not enable you to get a replacement.

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