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Nyrius Smart Outlet delivers Bluetooth connectivity to the home

nyriusA power outlet is just that, and most of the time, we do not really give much thought to it, as to whether it will be able to offer a whole lot more than that. Nyrius’ Smart Outlet, which is now available on Kickstarter, will come with the extraordinary ability to instantly transform any outlet into a Bluetooth-enabled one, which results in a smart home – and one that can be controlled at the palm of your hand, now how about that? This Smart Outlet will enable users to easily control their electronics or small appliances, including the likes of coffee makers, lamps, space heaters, stereo systems and more, and doing so through any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Connecting the plug-and-play Smart Outlet is a pretty simple thing to do – all that you have to embark on would be to plug the Smart Outlet into any home outlet, connect any electronic or small appliance, and voila! You can then control it wirelessly through the sleek and intuitive Nyrius Smart Outlet App. This particularly user-friendly app will enable users to control and manage a number of operations which we will look at in greater detail below.

For instance, one can turn connected devices On and Off through the app, which will then lead to greater energy savings and a reduction of costs in the long run. You can also make use of the app to create a custom timer, where picking a custom name for the plugged-in electronic or small appliance and choosing a time frame and days of the week of when you want the outlet to be activated can be done. In other words, things do not get an more automated than this, allowing you to program you coffee maker to turn on every morning as you awake from your slumber, or to have the lights turned off on the way out of the door every morning.

Proximity control is also thrown into the mix, as it detects as to whether the room is occupied or not, where it will then turn your appliances off – surely a great way to get rid of accidental cases of electricity being wasted, as well as reducing the risk of fire. This is a Kickstarter project, so do take note that the Nyrius Smart Outlet is tipped to ship to all backers and be fully available for purchase by the time May rolls around.

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